When you partner with SAMU FOODS AND BEVERAGES INC, you get a partner that believes ardently in the power of good, healthy, and nutritious foods and beverages. A partner that is ready to entertain real possibilities through collaboration and invention.

We want to build strong external associations as part of our social responsibility. So we are looking outward—to build lasting relationships with companies, academics, colleges, universities and organizations that mirror our emerging ideas and interests.


SAMU FOODS AND BEVERAGES INC will when possible use its resources and expertise to help local communities with social and other contribution activities in an effort to build strong local connection to the communities where our employees work and live. We take seriously our responsibility to keep those communities strong. Our “moniker” causes will be assisting with hunger relief programs, educational opportunities, and green environmental issues. We will accentuate environmental, health and wellness stewardship initiatives.


For SAMU FOOD AND BEVERAGES INC, the concept of adding value underpins what we do. We know financial stability, energy and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.

We will systematically embed sustainable practices and principles throughout our operations. Our sustainability management program includes corporate-level oversight committees, and a principal team to move our progress forward. We also have specific goals and targets relating to the pillars of our sustainability program: environment, water and food safety and quality. We strive to lesson our carbon foot print while we create value for our investors, employees, and our company.


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