We are growing regionally, globally and expanding into new food products categories. When striving for growth, we benefit from our strong position and expertise in the beverages development industry. As we move forward expanding our beverage and food categories we target specific markets in the USA, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Central America.

Our inimitable know-how in both foods material chemistry and experience in our geographic beverage market are second to none and now we need to find the synergies across our business and knowledge transfer areas to ensure the success of our products in a continuously changing market environment. North America, Africa, Europe and Central America are our key investment areas where we see big growth potential for future endeavors in all our products. While Asia is not yet big in our market plan, we have also had very inspiring projects there. China, India, Japan, and Taiwan are markets we are also focused on as we craft and strengthen our position globally.

By the end of 2016 we intend to significantly strengthen our position by procuring new advance manufacturing technologies, expanding and investing heavily in R & D, increase employee training, joint ventures and acquiring new businesses that will help us improve our production line thus adding value for our customers, communities we serve, and investors. We are significantly increasing our products portfolio by constantly developing new brands such as Orange Factor, Orange Passion, Mango Flavored Ice Tea, Beet-Carrot, Wheatgrass Ice Tea, and Pomegranate beverages to name a few.


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