Foods and beverages: Closer to nature ( S. Samuel 03/06/16.)
The healthy foods and beverages industry requires reliable foods research, ethical conduct, sharing of global intellectual resources and good food monitoring policies to prevent a collapse of small, medium businesses and to even protect economies of small “green-country economies.”

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S.Samuel 2016

The rush to manufacture chemically lauded foods for our neighborhood shops and supermarkets are quickly becoming a thing of the past as more and more customers become educated food consumers. Just recently food growers across the globe felt so frightened they were being push out the food business as food base laboratories were quickly mass producing chemically loaded foods for our supermarkets. Today the trend is changing. Due to an avalanche of new sicknesses, cancer and obesity to name a few, arising from poor diet, consumers are once again looking for naturally grown products. For example, this article from ( ) spells out what happens when one cons...

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